Cadbury wanted to create shareable, relatable social media content for Friendship Day. We wanted to break free from the clutter that is characteristic of red letter days and stand out among mushy forwards, clichéd pictures and generic posts.

We decided to to celebrate friendship by writing Open Letters to different kinds of friends. The idea was to write insightful letters that make you want to tag a friend and say “This is so us!". The letters were written in a playful and sweet tone of voice which is characteristic of Cadbury's brand communication.

Dear Long Distance Friend,

People say long distance relationships suck. Well, they’ve never tried a long distance friendship, because ‘suck’ doesn’t even begin to cover it. 


But life has a way of taking people we love and tossing them across oceans. 


And I hate it.


I hate how my phone is full of apps that claim to bring you closer, but honestly, they don’t.


I hate how meticulously we plan Skype dates and then they don’t happen because you’ve had a long day at work or I have a random test tomorrow.


I hate that your stupid new place is in a weird time zone and I have to wake you up at 2am to ask – red or black?


I hate that I’m always forgetting the names of all these new people and mostly, have no clue who you’re bitching about.


I hate how I know that your new boyfriend doesn’t like tomatoes on his pizza but I haven’t even met him yet.


I hate how I have to call you an hour before your birthday and refuse to hang up, even if you’re at a party, just to be the first one to wish you.


I hate how I still get a teensy bit jealous when your other friends become a rather frequent feature on your social media. And in our conversations.


I hate how sometimes all I need is a hug from you but you’re half a world away.


I hate a lot of things.


But I love how we pick up right where we left off, every single time.


I love that, even if WhatsApp calls are the work of the devil and Skype freezes all the time, shitty internet connections do nothing to ruin our connection.


I love how only you can deal with my dramas from across the world like you did from across the room.


Most importantly, I love you.


I know, you do too.


And that makes all of this okay.


PS: I miss your face.