The movie 'Trapped', as the name suggests, is about a man getting locked in an apartment inside an abandoned building. They wanted to promote the film on social media.


While people may not be familiar with the premise of getting locked in a building, feeling trapped is a universal emotion. We created stories about how each of us has, at some point, felt trapped - in a toxic relationship, in a job that we hate but it pays the bills et al.

Dear Unrequited Love,


There are few things in life that hurt as much as being irrevocably in love with someone who knows your every smile and sigh, freckle and scar and finds nothing they like. Someone who took a long look at the soul you’d bared in front of them and decided that was not what they wanted.


Maybe I can’t blame you for this. Maybe I read too much into those midnight conversations. Maybe the earrings you got me on Valentine’s Day were just a friendly gesture. Maybe that hug lingered a little too long, just in my head. Maybe those drunk texts I’d grown to look forward to, you send to everyone.


But I construed them to be signs. Funny how we obsess and over-analyse what is ambiguous but choose to ignore the obvious red flags.

And I did. I ignored everything else for your sake. I made you the centre of my universe. I gave you the liberty to waltz in and out of my world, whenever it pleased you. There was nothing in the world that I wouldn’t do, if only it would mean that you’d love me too. Till you became an addiction, my personal vice. I knew you were toxic, draining me. Yet I found myself okay with being on my hands and knees, cleaning the mess you left behind, just so it’d be warm and hospitable, the next time you decided to stop by.


Love. Hurt. Break. Repeat.


But there are only so many times you can be punched through the heart and remain standing. There are only so many poems you can write till you realise words can’t fill the void that the absence of love leaves. And there are only so many times you can lie on the bathroom floor at 4am, gasping for breath, too drained to do anything but lie there. 


I know I’ve been breaking my heart more than you have. I know I love you but I need to love me too. I know that for the sake of my sanity I need to cut the cord. I know, when we are fighting on the phone yet again that I want this to be the last conversation I have with you.


So why do I find myself missing you the second we hang up?